Why excessive use of smartphones, tablets and PCs is harmful?

Mobile phones, tablets and computers over the years have evolved in functionality and design, becoming objects of desire for young and old. Yet, the massive diffusion of these technological tools leads to a series of visual problems related to the use and abuse of bright screens. First, burning eyes, eyestrain, blurred vision and headaches. Find out in this article how to protect yourself against these problems.

Health hazards

Cell phone radiation causes irreversible damage to male fertility (the waves emitted can lead to poor sperm quality, poor motility and poor concentration). Electromagnetic fields generated by cell phones and repetitive cells weaken the immune system and stimulate allergic reactions Those who use their cell phone for more than 30 minutes a day for more than four years are at a higher risk of hearing loss. Women are also at risk. Electromagnetic waves from mobile phones seem to cause a reduction in the number of oocytes in the ovary. Frequent use of cell phones can damage the visual system in several ways. Because their frequencies (900,1800 MHz and 2450 MHz) damage epithelial cells and increase the temperature inside the eyes.

How to prevent computer vision syndrome symptoms ?

Pay attention to the distance between the eyes and the screen, which should never be less than 50 cm for a mobile phone or tablet and 80 cm for a computer. It may also be helpful to look away from the monitor frequently, focusing on an object positioned in another area of ​​the room, and taking breaks every 15 minutes. Another ailment that those who spend many hours a day in front of screens and digital devices may face is dry eyes. To prevent this problem, it is essential, in front of the computer and the mobile phone, to blink frequently and to stay hydrated by drinking more water. Instead, to relax the muscles surrounding the eyes, light massages can be done in the periocular region.  Then, if at the end of the day you find yourself with tired and red eyes, to relieve the discomfort you can use chamomile-based eye drops, which have a soothing action.