Symptoms and causes of sore throat

Sore throat can have different causes and affect different sections of the upper respiratory tract. It can also be the first symptom of more serious ailments or illnesses.  It is therefore advisable to consult a doctor to investigate its nature. Discover in this article the symptoms and causes of sore throat.

Types of sore throats

Depending on the anatomical part affected by the sore throat is specified in pharyngitis: inflammation of the pharynx, the part contained behind the tonsils, is manifested by pain, cough, difficulty swallowing.  Tonsillitis: inflammation of the tonsils, which are located on the sides of the uvula and are secondary structures.  When they become inflamed, they become red, swollen, and covered in patches. Laryngitis: inflammation of the larynx, which is located between the pharynx and the trachea, houses the vocal cords and is responsible for phonation. In case of inflammation, lowering of the voice may occur in addition to pain. Tracheitis : the trachea is the deepest conduit that reaches the bronchi through which breathed air passes. When it becomes inflamed, there is a cough, a burning sensation, difficulty in breathing.  Sometimes sore throat occurs without fever, in other cases it is one of the symptoms of the flu.

Symptoms and causes of sore throat

The walls of the throat and pharynx cause discomfort that gradually increases. These are the first symptoms of a sore throat. The intensity of this disorder varies depending on the cause. Sometimes the sensation of a foreign body at the back of the inflamed throat can even make swallowing difficult. Sore throat is usually accompanied by redness, inflammation, and in cases where sore throat is related to flu and viral conditions, it can be accompanied by colds, headaches, sinusitis and dizziness. Then the sore throat can be bacterial or viral in nature. In addition, there may be several reasons that determine the appearance of this pain, such as: eating foods or drinks that are too hot; inhalation of irritating vapors; temperature jump; gastroesophageal reflux.  In other cases the sore throat becomes the visiting card of measles, chicken pox, rubella.



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