How to prevent visual stress ?

Anyone who works long hours in front of the computer, reads a lot, or spends a lot of time on their cell phone knows eye strain, a condition that can be very annoying and can interfere with daily activities.  Moreover, if neglected, this disorder can worsen and require serious treatment. For clarity, visual stress is not classified as a disease, but rather as a symptom.

The causes of visual stress

Visual stress is caused by eye strain.  When the eye muscles are fixated on an object or task for prolonged periods, the consequences can manifest as blurred vision, headaches, and eye strain. But also double vision, headaches and migraines. Visual stress has symptoms that can increase when reading small print, using a computer at close range, reading in low light, or squinting to see distant objects.  This is because when the eye muscles are tense and overstretched, more tension is transmitted to the nerves, which further increases eye fatigue.  It can happen to people who play computer games for long hours without giving their eyes a chance to rest.

Types of visual stress

Visual stress can be related to CVS (computer vision syndrome) or astigmatism. You may have CVS after reading text on a computer or cell phone screen for several hours. Because the eye muscles work for long hours, the pupils find it difficult to absorb constant exposure to the rays without a break leading to eye exhaustion. Astigmatism has some symptoms in common with CVS. However, this type of eye strain is caused by the incorrect curve of the cornea, which can create heaviness in the eye due to the extra effort needed to focus when you have blurry vision. The way to counter this situation is to wear glasses, so as to increase vision without putting too much pressure on the eyes at the same time.

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