Essential tips to protect and avoid back pain

Motivated by several factors, back pain is a type of physical problem that can affect anyone, regardless of age.  Therefore, they are among the most common pain complaints.  Almost always muscular, they can be quick, as if hooked, or steady, high or light intensity. In addition, the spine, nerves and other inflamed organs always influence pain.  Discover in this article, some essential tips to protect and avoid back pain.

Maintaining good spinal posture

The most comfortable position for the spine is the one that obeys the angle of 180º when standing and 90º from the waist when sitting. That is to say, in which it is correctly aligned. This way, the bones and muscles don’t get tense and put pressure on the nerves that can cause pain. So pay attention and always correct yourself.

Always contract your abs when lifting weights

Performing physical exercises contributes to a firm and resistant musculature, an important factor for the times when it is necessary to lift weights. When there is not the necessary support to perform a movement, it is advisable, so that there is no pain in the spine, the contraction of the abdomen.  Thus, the muscles are forced to be firm and so that the impact of the weight does not overload the spine.

Wear objects close to the body to avoid back pain

In order to keep the body’s center of gravity aligned, another trick to protect the spine is to carry objects close to the body.  For example, if you are carrying a heavy box, instead of carrying it in front of your body with your arms straight, bend your arms closer to your body and place the box against your chest. This way you keep the center of gravity and the point of balance close to the body.  Which allows you to control better posture.