Why use a body cream ?

The body cream is not just a hug, but a real ally to keep the skin young and soft, since frequent use makes it supple and slows down skin aging.  Everyone should remember to take care of their skin, making sure to provide it with the right level of hydration throughout the body.  Discover in this article, the importance of body cream.

How to choose the perfect body cream ?

To decide which body cream suits your needs, you should pay attention to the inci, that is, the list of ingredients.  It is advisable to avoid buying creams containing many silicone-based ingredients.  Because they, although they seem to give immediately amazing results, actually have only a temporary effect. The hydration is only apparent and the constant and prolonged use of this type of product leads to undesirable results.  Your skin, instead of being nourished and healthy, will be more and more suffering, dehydrated, sometimes with clogged pores.  Which will lead to the resulting accumulation of impurities.

Some types of body creams to use

The ideal here is to choose a cream that mainly contains substances of natural origin, such as :

  • Butters/oils or vegetable extracts in general : generally the most common are, for example, shea butter, sweet almond oil, oat extract.
  • Aloe : this is the right ingredient for any type of cream because it ensures the right degree of hydration; moreover, it creates a natural defense for the skin and helps the body to react quickly to skin stress, due for example to irritation. It is found on the market in the form of a pure cream or gel. The gel is very suitable for the summer, also to be used as an after-sun cream, as it leaves the skin fresh and, at the same time, hydrates and dries very quickly.
  • Hyaluronic acid : it is one of the natural components of the skin; it is often found as an additional ingredient in moisturizers, which aim to nourish the skin. It is useful because it is able to retain moisture, so it helps the skin to stay well hydrated.
  • Vitamins: Although all vitamins are important, vitamin E is essential in a body cream. Because it has a powerful antioxidant effect and therefore helps to keep the skin toned and to repair the superficial damage produced by free radicals.

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